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Sponsor students learning the skills that will make them strong advocates for freedom while maintaining the integrity of a classically-trained journalist.
Help them learn to report the news in an unbiased fashion and challenge the powerful, the status quo, expose corruption and perform the intended role
of the 4th Estate which was never to be a propaganda arm of government, or any political party, or corporate interest, or branch of government.
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“The Social Media Boot Camp was an eye opening experience. It was wonderful to learn the principles that have helped Western Center for Journalism significantly expand its size over the last year. I was riveted to the step by step instructions on how to use Facebook to grow an audience. With a whole new set of tools, I am confidant this will lead to a more effective presence on the web. Also, as a writer and video producer I normally have little face to face contact with other people doing the same thing. The networking was so positive. I feel I have made a new set of friends who I will be working with for years to come. Thank you Western Center for Journalism and Joseph Farah for a free training event in the spirit of collaboration.”
You can quote me on this."

Steve Eastman

"WCJ Social Media Boot-camp is a must for bloggers wanting to expand their social footprint. WCJ team of social media professionals
broke down the do's and don'ts to effectively market your company with their proven strategies. Special speakers gave me
insight into real success of their companies with humor and history.
Kudos to WCJ and thank you!"

Diana Nashif - Conservative 50 Plus Alliance

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